SQLite and SQL Server Compact Toolbox

Create, manage, develop and maintain embedded database solutions using SQLite and SQL Server Compact with this free suite of tools and libraries developed and maintained by Erik Ejlskov Jensen, Data Platform MVP.

Visual Studio extension

Popular Visual Studio extension with more than 900.000 downloads on Visual Studio Marketplace

SQL Server Management Studio extension

Support for SQL Server Compact and SQLite is now available in SQL Server Management Studio

Other editions

Includes command line tools for automation, API (available on Nuget) for use in your own apps, and standalone editions to avoid installing VS (for SQL Server Compact only).
Other available tools include: Entity Framework Core providers for SQL Server Compact 3.5/4.0, SqlCeCmd (SQL Compact equivalent of sqlcmd), SqlCeBulkCopy (for super fast INSERTs into SQL Compact) and SqlCeMergeLib (SQL Compact Merge Replication helper library)


Feature highlights of the Visual Studio and SSMS extensions.

Code generation

Generate LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, Sync Framework and SQlite-net code directly from your database file.

Explore and connect

Connect to SQLite, SQL Server Compact. Lists all data connections in Server Explorer (VS) and databases in Object Explorer (SSMS). Scan Solution for database files and connect.


Generate schema and data scripts. Generate schema and data difference scripts. Script SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements.

Migrate (import/export)

Migrate SQLite and SQL Server Compact to any SQL Server database, including Azure SQL Database. Migrate SQL Server to SQLite and SQL Server Compact. Import/export to/from Excel/CSV/clipboard.


Create and manage both Merge Replication subscriptions and Sync Framework provisioning/code generation.


Create DGML files for visualizing tables and relationships. Generate HTML database documentation.