Entity Framework Core Power Tools

Useful design-time DbContext features, added to the Visual Studio Solution Explorer context menu. This free tool is developed and maintained by Erik Ejlskov Jensen, Developer Technologies MVP.

Visual Studio extension

Popular Visual Studio extension with more than 200.000 downloads on Visual Studio Marketplace

Generate code from your database

A number of flexible options for code generation

Manage migrations

Manage migration directly from the Visual Studio UI


The tool includes these features, and more are in progress.

Reverse Engineering

Generates POCO classes, derived DbContext and Code First mappings for an existing SQL Server, SQLite, Postgres, MySQL or SQL Server Compact database, a SQL Server Database project (.sqlproj) or a ".dacpac" file.

Migrations Tool

Manage EF Core Migrations in the project, get migration status, add migration and update the database to keep your model and database in sync.

Add DbContext Model Diagram

Adds an interactive DGML graph from your DbContext Model.

View DbContext Model DDL SQL

View the SQL CREATE script for the current Model.

Stored procedures and fuctions

Generate mappings for SQL Server stored procedures and functions.

Customize generated code

Customize the generated code further using Handlebars templates.

Get involved

Download the extension, report issues, propose suggestions and browse the GitHub source code and documentation