Many Entity Framework Core users look for an implementation of something similar to SqlQuery from Entity Framework 6 or even something like Dapper's strongly typed Query extension method. SqlQuery/Query translates a raw SQL query to a IEnumerable of the type referred. In this blog post, I will show, that with a single line of extra code, it is possible to achieve the same for complex types with EF Core 3.1.

First create a class to hold the query results:

public class OrderSummary
    public string CompanyName { get; set; }
    public int OrderCount { get; set; }

Then add this single line of code to OnModelCreating (or OnModelCreatingPartial in a partial DbContext class if you use database first):

partial void OnModelCreatingPartial(ModelBuilder modelBuilder)

If you are using migrations also add .ToView("dummy") due to a bug in EF Core.

And finally, execute the query - notice that T-SQL query options can be used!

using (var db = new NorthwindContext())
    var orderSummaryList = db.Set<OrderSummary>().FromSqlRaw(@"
  SELECT c.CompanyName, SUM(1) AS OrderCount
  FROM [dbo].[Order Details] od
  INNER JOIN dbo.Orders o ON od.OrderID = o.OrderID
  INNER JOIN dbo.Customers c ON c.CustomerID = o.CustomerID
  GROUP BY c.CompanyName
  ORDER BY c.CompanyName
    // TODO do something with the list

Notice that you can also add SqlParameters to the call to FromSqlRaw, and using it requires: using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore; - more info here. There is no need to specify .AsNoTracking(), as the entity uses .HasNoKey().

Comments or questions?